Saturday, June 12, 2010


Remember when I said I wanted to document my pregnancy funnies, well here we go...

This baby has made me throw up- lots.
Around 10 weeks I went about 2 weeks of only keeping down 1 meal a day, it was real yucky. I now have a list of things I don't like to throw up:

1. Popcorn
Since this is an absolute favorite snack of mine it took multiples times for me to give it up. It was the kernals in the nose that really got to me.

2. Fish Tacos
Love mexican food. Love the Flavors... taste like nasty, sour crap coming up.

3. Pizza
Burns real bad.

I also have things I don't mind so much:
Cereal- tastes pretty similar
Toast- obvious

Austin has also gotten used to me throwing up and has a strange fascination with it. I try to shut the door, push him away or tell him to get out..but he always find a way to my side and says, "yucky momma."

One particular morning Austin and I were having an arguement about changing his diaper and it wasn't going so well. I notice the older he gets, the more stubborn he is, just like his momma. But the best part is that I can win & he hates it.

He was in time out for the 2nd time for the diaper arguement,

when I suddenly realized I needed to upchuck. I ran to the bathroom and lost it. As I am throwing up I hear something- it is Austins' chuckle echoing through my house.

(really old picture, but it fits the story)

Apparently he got the last laugh,
I guess I can let him win every so often.

Austin's room is done! Well minus window treatments, a lamp and a crafty wood plaque I am going to make with his name. So I will wait to show you the whole room, but share one of my favorite things..

you can also check out the new paint color that Aunt Cristina, Nick and I slaved over! I love how the room has a rustic, vintage feel to it.

Baby Girl nursery is already under construction & I will post all my plans, pictures and visions soon.


Davis Family said...

This post was crackin' me up! His timing was perfect. Sorry about the popcorn, it would take a lot for me to give it up, too. Kernals in the nose would have sealed the deal. Now we all know what food items to bring to the hospital.

mmmandy! said...

Hahaha! I knew your documentary would be a good read! Kernels in the nose?! OUCH! At least I know Austin will be right there to hold Taylor's hair (and tell her how distusting she is) while she pukes.
Loving the vintage car stuff! Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

Cristina said...

surprised you didn't share your popcorn grease story! That's the best! Love the picture of Austin in time out. He's such a piece. Love that kid.

Latané said...

ok i read your blog occasionally and anonymously...bc i don't leave comments. but you are hilarious. i definitely laughed out loud at this post. and austin sounds like a hoot. also, i vote for Mikayla. miss you, hope you're enjoying pregnancy #2!