Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stupid Dog

My Mom asked me to babysit Duke during their cruise.
Not only did she leave her family to go on an awesome vacation,
but she wanted to make sure we were tortured while she was gone!

Here is Duke from their Christmas card this year

I guess that means he is officially apart of the family?

My Mom did tell me to drop him at the vets if he drove me crazy,
but my small soft spot for doggies made me feel too guilty.
I used to love dogs,
I guess having kids changed my tune.

But Austin sure loved it, 
which made it even more worth it to keep him around.

Doesn't our Texas weather look awesome? It was 75 outside all week!

Kayla loves this toy and would just sit and watch Austin and Duke run around- so cute!

Within a few days Austin started calling Duke a "stupid dog",
I don't know where he got it from.

So after.. 
cleaning 2 poops in my house,

1 poop in his kennel, 
(which mean it was all over Duke & all over his cage)

waking up almost every night at 4am to him barking,

getting my kids back in bed at 4am because he was barking,

a new hole in my backyard,

lots of chewed/destroyed toys,

muddy paw all over my back door,

& grass, leaves and dirt tracked through my house
(Austin would open the door & he would charge inside)

my Mom finally came home to pick him up.

I contemplated not telling her how bad he was so she didn't feel soo guilty, 
but then I remembered that I want a kid-free vacation to Park City this summer..
so she got every detail!

There is no way these 2 could be worse than Duke!


Kevin and HolliJo said...

hahaha that is so funny that Austin started calling him that. And I agree, it will be bad enough cleaning up kid poop. To add a dog on top of that?! :(. Although Kevin has promised me that I can get a dog if I ever let us move to Oregon. Maybe one day I'll want to take him up on that. Definitely not with a newborn though!

Forrest said...

Ju this had me laughing so hard.. I think the title, simple and direct, is the icing on the cake. I'm so proud of the cute little mommy you've become. I'm loving your blog, keep it up!

Daniel and Kylie said...

hahahaha oh man. i hate dogs. it sounds like you did a great job by not hurting the thing. thats hilarious..not only do you need a kid free vacation...but maybe a FREE kid free vacation, yes? just an idea for mama harris. ;) love you juju

Emma and John said...

love all the pictures of mckayla in your last post! She is sooo cute! And I agree...dogs are hard with little kids around. I have enough to clean as it is!