Friday, February 11, 2011

'Blistering Boilers!'

If any of you have a little boy that loves Thomas the Trains,
you have heard this blog title a million times.
It's my favorite line.

My little boy is officially 3!!
It happened so fast.
(bear with me as I take a little trip down memory lane.)

This year for his birthday I caved and gave him a Thomas party.
I have this thing about Thomas...
it just feels really nerdy.
But when I told people I refused to throw a Thomas party, 
even thought it's his favorite, 
they made me feel really guilt.

So Austin can thank his Aunty Cristina and Chelsea for this one.
I tried to make it as cool as Thomas can get.

I did love the tracks going around the table 

slow down there Thomas!

I loved putting out his birthday wreath!

We had lots of family and great friends that joined the celebration

Happy Birthday!

He is one lucky boy.
We love you so much Austin! 


Cristina said...

happy birthday to my favorite nephew!!!!

Janey said...

I looooove his birthday wreath! I can't believe our boys are 3 AND we each have a baby girl.

Your hair is so beautiful and long!

When are you coming to Utah??