Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hairless Expressions

There is no hiding it anymore,
my baby has lost all her hair...
and I'm a bit devastated. 

How did she go from this

to baldy??

"Who you talkin' about??"

So I guess the brushes and ponytails will have to wait.
And if she follows in Austin's footsteps,
it will be years.

For now we will just focus on how dang cute she is!
This diva has quite the personality,
she is my 'girl on the go' and I love all her little faces.

and my favorite:

She is already using her innocent looks to get her way,
and it works!


Natalie said...

My kids did that, too! When Aaron's fell out I cried...I loved his hair! But I promise it grows back even better than the first round! :) She sure is a cute bald little baby! Love all the headbands!

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Janey said...

Oh she is so dang cute. And I know. Sadie's is finally growing in again. I can't wait to do a fountain on top of her head!! Are you keeping up on my blog?

chelsea Wagner said...

I LOVE that girl! And don't worry, Sadie will still hang out with her, bald or not.

mmmandy! said...

Kayla is so beauty-full!! Her expressions are the best- they crack me up and are my favorite part of gettting to hold her.

But don't worry... when Austin marries Taylor, her genes will kick in full force and their children will be born with very FULL heads of hair!! Your grandchildren will fullfill all your hair accessory dreams. :)

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Aw she's still adorable without hair :). I can't believe how big she is getting. How fun!