Monday, January 17, 2011


I have officially been dethroned by the newest princess.
She always gets what she wants..

(Kayla's first bath)

and knows how to get it.

 But she is insanely sweet, so we let her win!

I have been really bad about blogging- sorry!! So instead of doing multiple posts, I am going to just do 1 post with LOTS of pictures that capture out events that last 3 months. Here we go!!

Austin & Kayla at Halloween. Austin was a BYU Lacrosse player (lame, I know. But I had Kayla a month ago.. I was a little tired.) He LOVED Halloween, it was so much fun!

Miss Kayla was a little ballerina

I love those little tights!

At about a month old, we taught her how to feed herself.

(just kidding!)

Mckayla at 1 month

Nick took advantage of Black Friday and got us an early Christmas present!

our T.V. before that is now in our bedroom...

and after!

We had Thanksgiving with the Weaver family- it was so fun to have everyone come to town! And while they were all here, we had Kayla's baby blessing.

Right before church

she finally got to wear her dress!!

                                                                             (she is singing to me in this picture)

 I was soo nervous about her having a 'blow out' while wearing her dress! So I dressed her in a white onesie underneath and also put a white burp cloth up her back- Nick totally made fun of me. But guess what!? When we got home, she had pooped EVERYWHERE! It was all over her onesie and the burp cloth!

The blessing was sweet and perfect. I was so happy everyone could come.

Mckayla at 2 months

 Our Christmas Card- Merry Christmas!

a fun gift exchange with some great friends!

A glimpse into Kayla's life..

Austin adores her.. 

and she loves him too

most of the time. 

My Bubba and I at Christmas with the Harris family.

Christmas Eve pajamas

(my Mom and I saw these at Target and they were too great to pass up.. my poor Dad wasn't sure what to say)

Santa came! I love watching Austin during Christmas time, he is so excited!

Santa brought Kayla lots of stuff too.

Christmas dinner

Kayla at 3 months

and her birth announcement!

That pretty much sums it up for now. I feel like my life is crazy and time if flying by! Being a Mom of 2 was a bit harder than I expected, but they always remind me that it is worth it!

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Kevin and HolliJo said...

YAY for an update! Loved the Christmas card and birth announcement. She is so cute! Glad to hear you're surviving two kids! Miss you guys!