Tuesday, January 25, 2011

speak now

My kiddos and I spent the night making sugar cookies &

 Austin was pretty excited.

want some?

As we scooped the dough onto the cookie sheet, I learned my little boy can count to ten!
Thanks Sesame Street!

Baking & about everything else goes perfectly with this:

I have a weird, middle school crush on Miss Taylor... 
I'm not sure what to think about it.

Baby Kayla loved watching her big brother

 (Austin is trying to push her face to the camera)

I had to hold back my clean-freak side, 
and let the poor boy make a mess! 

But unfortunately he has already been brainwashed,
you see how clean he kept his tray? 

I love spending time with my sweet Austin and he kept telling me all night that he loved me.

The remainder of my evening is spent with my kitchen tabled moved in the living room & me planted there doing projects with my hot glue gun, sewing machine & DVR.

I have lots of blankets to make and 2 showers to plan because
we have 5 new babies joining the family in the next 4 months!
Pregnant belly's everywhere and I'm soo happy it's not mine.

Where's Nick, you ask?

Welcome to busy season!


David and Karin said...

I'm so glad someone else admits to loving Taylor Swift! I am obsessed with her latest cd! Luckily David secretly likes it, too, so he lets me blast it all the time. Cute pictures of making cookies with Austin!

Jake and Corinne said...

I love seeing your babies, Julie! They are so cute. You are the most darling Mom!

PS. You can totally pull of the blazer/sequin look. Do it!