Monday, January 31, 2011

3 Things

1. Terrible 3s
Austin skipped terrible twos (he was an angel) and is now testing out terrible threes.
I can probably count on 1 hand the number of naughty, mischievous things he has done because it is just not like him! On Saturday this is what I found..

All I can say is, Thanks for not flushing.
I'm not quite sure why he did it, but I am sure he won't do it again.

 2. Birthday Wreath
I have been wanting to make this for a long time and since Austin's birthday is next week, it was perfect!

You can find the instructions here- I ended up needing 3 bags of balloons.
It was really easy and a fun thing to put up for everyone's birthday each year!

3. Laugh it Up
I have a hard time getting my little Kayla to giggle for me, she's a tough crowd. 
I had gotten her undressed for her bath and was playing with her, trying my hardest to get a little giggle.
Then she let out a laugh and I was so excited....
until I realized she was peeing all over me.

I guess she already cracks herself up.
Laugh it up Kayla... 
I'll take what I can get.

Austin's dumps now land in the toilet, as of 3 days ago! 
Maybe he read the blog post and felt really embarrassed.
I don't blame him.


Rachel said...

Enjoy!!! Peter has been treating me to things like that since Rigby was born. The bad thing about having 2 is that they soon start working together! Congrats on the potty training. What is the secret? BTW Kayla's a cutie!

Janey said...

Yay for poop in the toilet! Cameron didn't like when I threw away his underwear, so now he goes on the toilet. Except at other peoples houses he gets nervous to ask or something, so he goes in his underwear. Aargh, lol!!

I can't believe he skipped the terrible two's!! Cameron's age 2 was the hardest for me so far. Maybe because there was pregnancy and a new baby?

Mckayla is getting so big already! What a cutie!