Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1095 Days

That is how many days I have been married to my sweet husband, which means today we are celebrating 3 years of marriage!

How could a girl like me be so lucky to marry a man like Nick? He is the sweetest, most thoughtful, loving and adorable husband I could ever hope for. Not to mention what a wonderful, patient Dad he is! No wonder Austin loves him the best. I was thinking back on our last 3 years and realized how many changes and accomplishments we have made. Here are a few:

-We got married
-Moved into our first apartment together
-Nick graduated BYU
-I turned 20 & Nick 25 (yes, I got married at 19. Sounds really crazy now...)
-Found out I was pregnant (6 months after we got married- surprise!)
-We both quit our jobs at WalMart together- our source of income that supported us through school and life together
-1 year of marriage
-Moved to Houston
-Bought our first car together- goodbye 'Black Beauty' (aka Nick's hideous black Camry he loved dearly)
-Nick started his first & current job- I cried that day he drove off to work because I knew it was the end of our carefree, college life, where we saw each other all day at school and work. But it was a good change.
-Had our first baby
-Bought out first house
-I turned 21 and Nick 26
-Survived our first hurricane- Ike!
-2 years of marriage!
-Celebrated our son's 1st birthday
-I turn 22 and Nick 27
-Nick got work promotion
-Survived the CPA exam (hopefully if Nick passed the last 2 sections, if not I might have to change the 'survived' part on that one)

And that brings us to today- 3 years of marriage!! As you can see our lives got a lot more boring the longer we have been married.
Today Nick is out of town, so he instructed my mom to go out and buy me a dozen beautiful roses and surprise me with them. He also has a whole weekend getaway planned and I have NO idea where we are going.
No Austin.
No Cleaning.
No Cooking.
No Stress.
all weekend. I can't wait. Stay tuned for the big surprise location and here are some wedding pictures. If you want to see more click here and here.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Now that's what I call a cake.

The most beautiful bridesmaids- I didn't just pick them for their looks, I am really friends with these people ;)

I love you Nick! To an eternity together...


Daniel and Kylie said...

has it really been 3 years? so weird. yall are the cutest. congratulations!!! i love you both and i loved your wedding :) so happy i got to be a part of it!

Cristina said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a sweet weekend! and...did he really call that car Black Beauty? haha! that car was cuhrayzee! I will always love that story of the car randomly honking all by itself on your way to work!!!

Chris and Sally said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you have been part of the family for 3 years now. You definitely help my deal with some of the crazy.

The Dunns said...

Wow 3 years Big Weave!! I enjoyed the blog and can't believe you got rid of black beauty. Hopefully Nick cleaned all the newspapers out!! Miss you guys and have a great weekend getaway. (Tyler)