Friday, November 13, 2009

Nutcracker Market

If you have never heard of or been to the Nutcracker Market you are SOO missing out!

The Reliant Stadium is full to the max of "booths" where companies from Houston and surrounding cities come in and sell their stuff. You can get anything from food (nuts, jams, soup mixes) with samples everywhere, lots of Christmas decor, home decor, clothes, jewelry, baby stuff, fun bags... pretty much anything you can think of they sell there. (Every man's worst nightmare.)

My mom and I went this year and had such a good time. We got in around 11am and left at 2pm and hadn't even seen HALF of the stuff there. Our arms were so full, we had a good laugh trying to treck back to the car. It was awesome and surprisingly the stuff wasn't overpriced, like you would expect. I went thinking I would come home with a few finds- I was wrong. I wish I could put up pics of everything I got but most of it was Christmas shopping for people who look at this blog....Chelsey, Sally, Lisa, Teresa and a few other people I will leave unnamed :)

But I can show a few things I found...

This is for my adorable niece Kate for Christmas. She loves to help cook and I thought the cupcake on this fabric was so cute. It comes with a hat, spoon, cookie cutter and 3 recipes! Love it.

This is wrapping paper I bought. I get so excited when I find cute paper and these were 3 for $10! The zebra and leopard will probably be used for birthdays but there might be a few animals prints under our tree wrapped in a big red bow!

These adorable little boxes were buy 10 get 1 free for $1 each! Perfect for a little gift, Christmas cookies box or birthday present with a little bow on top! So of course I bought 10!

The trip was a success! I think a big trend right now is to monogram everything because it was EVERYWHERE at the market. On plates, cups, bags, make up, wall hangings- so cute. I might have bought a few of those but they will have to wait... The market lasts until Sunday- GO!


Daniel and Kylie said...

i would LOVE to go! freaking california. looks like you got enough for the both of us though! you definitely need the zebra sexy shoes now to go with the wrapping paper. nick should wrap them in that! i miss you.

Cristina said...

oh that present for kate is SO cute!! I totally wish I could have gone! I thought about going today but I didn't have anyone to go with, my mom was out of town. :(

Lindsay Kae said...

I love the apron too. Darling present Jules.