Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was so much fun! I have tons of pictures, so I will tell about the weekend through all the pictures.

Here is Daddy & Austin on our way to Trunk or Treat Friday night. Austin was a golfer- probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! Also very fitting for Nick's taste. Thanks Sally for letting us borrow the costume!

At Trunk or Treat- it was so much fun.

Austin with his buddy Lincoln who was a little Monkey and Jake as a zoo keeper. Love it.

Giff Nielsen showed up as a golfer so we had to get a picture together.

my BFF/SIL- ha love that.

Sally with Peyton and Brookie. We are missing Kate but she was a pretty witch with sparkly make-up!

We then went to my mom's house to carve some pumpkins. It was Austin's first experience with pumpkins- he is checkin' out the inside.

Helpin' Mom scrape out the guts

Nick and I

Forrest and Sarah

Houston and Cristina

The finished products- I think they turned out great! Starting from the left the artists are: Dad, me, Mike (Houston's friend), Nick, Cristina and the last was by Forrest and Sarah.

Halloween night about to go trick or treating at Nana's house. Austin loved wearing his costume and he kept the hat on all night!

It took little coaxing to tell Austin to knock on the door for some candy. It was so cute! He knew how to work the crowd by saying, "thank you" and "buh bye" as he walked away. People just kept giving him candy as they would call their family to the door to see the cute golfer!

Excited about all his treats

and this is what we saw for a full 2 blocks of trick or treating- Austin running ahead knocking on every door.

Now what I am going to do with that full bucket of candy?


Chris and Sally said...

I cannot believe how long we have known each other and you are spelling my name Sallie? I'm a little bit shocked right now, I thought we were close enough that we knew how to spell eachothers names.
Austin is adorable.

Cristina said...

I had SO much fun last night. Austin was too cute. buh byeee!

Julie said...

Corrections have been made and I have no idea why I used the 'ie' instead of 'y'. I know how to spell your name!!

Chris and Sally said...

Thanks Juley, love ya

Tyson and Shelise said...

What a cute golfer! Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween.

Kevin and HolliJo said...

hahahaha. Oh my goodness he is so cute Julie! What a fun Halloween! And I love that he was a golfer. How fitting!