Saturday, November 7, 2009

A few of HIS favorite things...

Austin is right at 21 months and I wanted to post a few of his favorite things for memory's sake.

Movie: Madagascar

Food: Mac & Cheese, peas, corn

Snack: Fruit snacks

Drink: Gatorade (it's a treat when he gets it)

Toy: Any car, train or motorcycle. He loves to line them up perfectly and drive them around the furniture

Song: Batman theme song- he tries to sing it to me

Time of Day: When Daddy gets home or nap time

Word: Puppy, Car, Nana, okay and Buh bye!

Comfort Object: The beloved "blue blankey" and binky (he just doesn't know the binky is goin away soon)

'No No' Toy: my phone, dad's deodorant under his sink. weird- I know.

Newest Word: "hi-ya!" as he tries to karate chop you

Animal: dogs but it is always a "puppy!"

Place to Visit: Nana's house. She has lots of cars and fruit snacks

Store: Target- he always gets popcorn or Sam's cause he gets a cookie.

That is all I can think of for now. Here is a cute picture to end the post (another favorite thing!)

Helpin' Daddy brush his teeth

watching Madagascar- I love those cheeks!

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Cristina said...

I just love his guts! this makes me want mac and cheese for dinner!