Monday, November 16, 2009

Lonesome Tonight

My husband is gone. He finished the CPA and then had to leave town to work in Shreveport, Louisiana for a whole week. So I am feeling pretty lonesome tonight (and every night this week). Here is what is keeping me busy:

1. Mandy's shower is coming up next week and here are a few things Jess, Kelly and I have been working on:
*these are just sample pictures we are copying*

cupcake toppers


and a number of other things but you will just have to wait. It will be adorable.

2. Kate's 7th birthday party. I promised Sally that I would throw Kate a beautiful party because she had never had a big party with friends. I am going all out! I am so excited about this party and all the are some of my ideas:
the party is all pink (and this includes food). I want to copy some food ideas from this pic

(pics from Hostess with the Mostess)

pink balloons and flowers

and lots of other things that might include some tutus- every little girl loves a ballerina!

3. And of course, adding to my Christmas list. Here is my new find that already made it to the top of the list..

(pic from
These cute 3 tier stands are at Sam's for $38 buck and I can already see them in my kitchen with treats displayed in them. No more plates with crinkly saran wrap over it!

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