Friday, October 23, 2009

Catch Me If You Can

Austin has started a new game called 'Running Away from Mommy'. Austin loves this new game- I don't. He thinks it is the funniest when I am trying to load him into his car seat and usually in a hurry because I always run late.
He runs down the driveway, swerves through cars in parking lots, into our gangster neighbors' yard (is he really in a gang? Yes.) or right into the street. As I chase him I yell,

"Come here!"
"Austin stop!"
"Do you want time out?!"
"This isn't funny!"

Oh but yes it him. And as I chase him I can only think of this creepy/mischievous face...

(He was about 2 months old)

He is so naughty.
And he knows it.
He loves the chase and I know the reaction from me makes it all worth while for him. But what is a mom to do when your baby runs into the street, through parking lots or worse, into gang territory!?
I am sure onlookers are thinking, "That crazy woman has no control over her child."
They're right- I don't.


Daniel and Kylie said...

hahaha jules. i wish i could witness you chasing after him. ill just settle for the hilarious vision in my head :)

Janey said...

Haha, Cameron got a few really mean no's and spanks when he tried the street. Now he won't run into the street, but he'll slowly and sneakily side-step off the driveway while glancing to see if I'm watching.

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Haha. Oh the joys of being a mom. If it helps, he's absolutely adorable. And, I think all kids go through that. Kevin was the most mischevious child ever, so I know I won't even stand a chance whenever we have kids!