Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Deals I Am Loving This Week

I haven't done much with the couponing but I do have a list of deals I have bought this week at Target that require no Suday paper clippings- just hit print! The only website that you register your email is afullcup.com, which has all the Target store coupons and it is totally worth it. At Target you can double a Target store coupon with a manufacture coupon. Here are the deals:


'Ice Age' or 'Horton Hears A Who' DVD- sale $10
$2.00 off 1 Ice Age or Horton = $8

Archer Farms Simple Balanced Bread- $2.39
$1.00 off AF Simple Balanced Bread
= $1.39

Archer Farms Artisan Bread- $0.99
$0.50 off Artisan Bread
= $0.49

Chex Mix- sale $1.75
$0.50 off Chex Mix- Target coupon 
$0.50 off Chex Mix- manufacture coupon
= $0.75!

Special K Blueberry- $3.29
$1.00 off Kellogg's Cereal- Target coupon
$1.00 off Special K Blueberry- manufacture coupon
= $1.29!

-Watch the expiration date, they will catch it!
-You can only use 1 Target coupon in a transaction. So if you want to buy multiple cereals/breads make it a few transactions- they get used to this.
There are a few more great deals but require coupons clipped from the Sunday paper. The movies are a great Christmas gift idea! If you thought this was helpful I will try to start adding more deals from grocery stores like Kroger & Randall's and put up a tutorial to get you started couponing. It really is great and kind of fun!


Janey said...

Yes, please keep posting. You make it sound really simple, and the whole thing just overwelms me.

Michelle said...

Hey Julie. I'm a deal-lover as well!! For the Target coupons, have you ever used HotCouponWorld? I like it quite a bit more for a couple different reasons. I hadn't seen the bread deal and need to get some, so I'm glad you shared that!

You can definitely use more than one Target coupon in one transaction though. The coupons do say "one coupon per purchase" but that doesn't mean per transaction. I've used 12 Bliss candy Target coupons to get 12 candy bars for free all in one transaction (although they didn't appreciate me very much!). I've heard of some cashiers making a stink about the fine print on the coupons, but you can always print out the Target coupon policy and take it with you. Especially when you're doing a deal like buy 5 _____ and get a $5 Target gift card. You can use 5 Target coupons for those items all in the same transaction and still get your coupon (even if you didn't even pay $5 for it out of your pocket, HA!).

What are you favorite coupon/deal sites? Here's mine -


Michelle said...

Sorry...I meant to say "and still get your GIFT CARD (even if you didn't pay $5 out of pocket for it...)

Michelle said...

Ok so apparently I have my lingo WRONG! I just read that the coupons do say "limit one offer per transaction" but I've had it explained to me that it means per purchase so people only use one Target coupon for one item. Anyway, sorry for the hoopla.

Amy Breeden said...

Okay Julie, you and Michelle are geniuses and I am wasting money like nobodies business apparantly! You could do an enrichment for us! Please do keep posting these tips! I am going to check your blog more often! And where have you been? I miss your pretty face and cutie little boy!