Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wake up!!!

This might be a little silly to complain about...but my baby sleeps WAY too much! I get so bored around here. This was my day yesterday:
8:00 he wakes up
8:30-9:30- exercising/getting ready/picking up
12:00-12:30 home from doing misc stuff and eating lunch
1:00 down for a nap
3:30 finished laundry, getting bored
4:00 still waiting
4:30 watching my ceiling fan
5:00 finally!
No joke- for real this baby can sleep! And he still went to bed at 8:30 without a problem. I shouldn't complain but a girl can go a little crazy stuck in a house all day!

I hung up my cute Halloween wreath this week and decided my house needed to be a bit more festive, but I don't love lots of Halloween decor. I wanted a cute mantle display and really just don't like the decor that is up right now (the gray vase and gray candlesticks on each side of the TV). So I decided I was going to return it all and went out to buy lots of autumn/thanksgiving/could pass for Halloween decorations and put them up. It turned out really cute. Gotta' love Hobby Lobby- everything on the mantle was less than $25!

Austin loves the scarecrow. He waves and says, "Hi!" every time he walks past.

My mantle has been the hardest thing to decorate in my house- just the day to day house decor and it has been driving me crazy. For now I will leave the Halloween/Thanksgiving decor up then replace it with Christmas decor and come Jan 1st I will re-evalate the mantle debate. I know, big problems I am faced with day to day.

Of course, I have to add a sweet picture of my little baby (minus the yogurt face) to remind me that when he yells, "....ummm, NO!" to me all day, he is still my favorite person.


Lisa Ann said...

I love the mantle!

Davis Family said...

I agree with you: YOU SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN!!! If you have another one he/she will probably make up for it. Then you will have no time to worry about that mantle. I like your decor.

Tyson and Shelise said...

I am jealous I swear Keithens nap times last like 2 minutes (or seem like it) He totally looks like a harris, he is getting so big. Love your decorations, I wish I was motivated and creative!

Cristina said...

Those decorations are lookin so cute!