Friday, October 9, 2009

In love

I am having a love affair with this man...

(isn't he cute)

because he made this for me....

I love the Febreze scented ones

It was a magical experience. I have never been so excited to clean in my life. I went crazy looking for any surface that had grime and like magic, it was gone. I bought it to try on my oven because around the burners has this black/burnt build up that had been there forever and some grease build up that looked a little yellow. I wouldn't say it was gross, because my house ain't gross...but visibly dirty and I couldn't get it off! I should have taken a before picture but here is the after. (don't look at the actual silver burner, it has always looked like that)

No black build up or grim around the burners- perfectly white!! Now to just get those burners looking silver again....

And as I finish off this post I just realized:
I am 22 and was so excited about a cleaning product that I called my husband, took a picture AND wrote a blog post about it.
I am such a housewife.
It's scary.

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Lindsay Kae said...

hehe. This is a funny post!

Julie, I love your blog! Hope you're doing well. :-)