Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Fall!

But where did the fall weather go? My week has been a bit lame, but Austin always keeps everything exciting. He is in full blown tantrum mode. I'm just lovin every minute of it. The kicking, screaming and yelling 'No' never gets old. I experienced a shill scream so loud this week, it set off the car alarm in the parking lot we were walking through- no joke..a car alarm. My favorite was when I was in a stationary store looking for invites and a fit began. He wasn't satisfied with the Sonic PowerAde slush I had just bought him (in an attempt to keep him occupied), so he threw the stationary store...full of expensive paper....and yes, you guess it- the cup exploded. Blue, Sonic slush all over the floor. The ladies were really nice and I am pretty sure most paper was avoided but we weren't so lucky in Kirkland's where he broke a cute Pilgrims figurine. What do I do!? I try and control him and make his life so miserable when he is bad but I feel like I am the lone ranger with the naughty toddler.
The other 50% of the time he is adorable is I taught him how to hug me- it's so cute.
My big highlight of the week was ordering my new ottoman! I can't wait to get it (4-6 weeks) and I think it will look great. I will post pictures when it comes and other parts of the house where I added some new additions- it is finally starting to feel like our home!

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