Sunday, October 25, 2009


Nick falls asleep pretty fast every night because work is so exhausting for him. Sometimes I stay awake long enough to hear him say some pretty entertaining things in his sleep. A few nights ago I got a good laugh. I was lying in bed and Nick mumbles,
"Stop sweetie, not right now."
I am thinking- don't get your hopes up, I am not touching you. But I play along to get the whole story.
"What Nick, what do you want me to stop doing?"
Nick- "Just stop sweetie."
Me- "Stop what?"
Nick- "Stop being such a pyro.."
Me- "Okay Nick."

A pyro- what!? What in the world kind of dream would make him think of that. Here is the definition of pyro:

Pyromaniac- a compulsion to set things on fire.

I am going to just take the positive from this.
My husband still dreams of me.
Even if the dreams mean I am setting things on fire- does he think I am that crazy...?

I guess he better watch his back.


Kevin and HolliJo said...

Haha maybe it's a guy thing. Kevin falls asleep so quickly and he says some pretty funny stuff too. My favorite is when he gets up all set on doing something at about 2 am and then realizes he was dreaming. Like going to answer the door (no one is knocking...). It's pretty entertaining.

Janey said...

lol, that's the best when they talk in their sleep. What he meant was, stop lighting his fire!

Tyson and Shelise said...

Haha thats pretty funny, a pyro of all things! I am usually the one that gets laughed at in the morning, I guess I am a little CRAZY sometimes!