Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I finally took my baby to the Zoo! Rachel and I went together and the boys had a blast. We both decided that these things are much easier with the Daddy around- they do all the chasing and we take care of the details! When we do go back I think we will hit the 'Kid Zone' first because it was a little more for Austin's age group. It had little shows, a petting zoo, a water park area and playgrounds- so fun! Here are a few pictures

Austin was really excited to go but had no idea what the Zoo was...

Austin & Peter at the entrance

The white crocodile- creepy

Austin loved the warthogs

Just in time to see grooming at the monkey exhibit- so special....
for some reason it made me think of old people.

The flamingos! One of Austin's favorites

Rachel and Peter

This is what happened when mommy got tired of pulling.

Thanks Peter for bonking your head and getting us 2 free passes onto the carousel! Hope you feel better!

I realized that my ankles look like a 5th grader's, and yet they support my 5'9 frame. It made me think of when Houston told me I looked like the aliens from 'War of the Worlds'....

Thanks Houston.

Austin loved this!! and I thought the Cheetah was super cute & stylish

Pretty sure these petting zoo animals were all on their death beds. This one never moved from this position and didn't even flinch when Austin started brushing his eye.


Janey said...

L O freaking L That post made me laugh all the way through.

Fun, I better hurry and take Cam to the zoo before it gets too cold!

Reason #547

Cristina said...

my husband is so tactful. austin liking the warthogs = pretty random. they're kinda ugly!

Tyson and Shelise said...

We did the zoo thing a few months ago and it was way fun. Yeah I agree some of the animals look pretty "unhealthy"!

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Oh fun! Kids are entertained so easily. I still can't believe how grown up Austin is! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you again at Christmas!